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Clean Room Swabs and Brushes

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
RGS13442-10-1 Panduit GROUNDING STRIP KIT Lead Free compliant
ER-ATH Panasonic CONDUCTIVE TUBE HOLDER Lead Free compliant
35805 EasyBraid Co. PUMP/BOTT PURE-TAKE LOCK SQ 6OZ Lead Free compliant
50005 Desco CONCENTRIC RING PROBE Contains Lead non-compliant
35739 EasyBraid Co. BTTL ONLY ORG HDPE 6OZ ESD SAFE Contains Lead non-compliant
RGESD2A-1 Panduit ESD PORT KITS 2 HOLE 5/8 15.9MM Lead Free compliant
37550 Desco CONT LID 17-3/4X10-3/4X2-1/8 Contains Lead non-compliant
37705 Desco FOAM BLK LEAD INS GRD 1/4X36X60 Contains Lead non-compliant
RGS134-1Y Panduit GROUNDING STRIP KITS 1 78.65 2M Lead Free compliant
35215 EasyBraid Co. TWIST-LOCK EURO 8OZ WHITE Contains Lead non-compliant
14364 Desco PCB EDGE PROTECTORS 20/PK 12" Contains Lead non-compliant
47520 Desco CRD HLDR W/SNP 1-1/2X6'' 25PK Contains Lead non-compliant
39620 Desco SHORT PARTITION 25-7/16 X 13-1/8 Lead Free compliant
35883 EasyBraid Co. CORRUGATED BK SWTCHBRD MATTING Contains Lead non-compliant
34450 EasyBraid Co. ESD SHP TRVLR YL 10X12" 10PK Contains Lead non-compliant
35539 Desco PUMP ONLY PURE-TOUCH SS 2OZ STEM Contains Lead non-compliant
980-S SCS FOOT SWITCH (FOR 980 IONIZED AIR Lead Free compliant
ACL 450CPS ACL Staticide, Inc. PORTABLE CHARGED PLATE SYSTEM Lead Free compliant
35073 EasyBraid Co. LNYRD BRKWY FLT 3/8" CLP BL Contains Lead non-compliant
CC505F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD SYN CHAMOIS 450PC Lead Free compliant
SW3PF-10 EasyBraid Co. SWAB 3" FOAM TIP 10/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
812AS-10 MG Chemicals SWAB ANTISTAT FOAM OVR CTTN 10PC Lead Free compliant
812-10 MG Chemicals SWAB FOAM OVR CTTN SNGL END 10PC Lead Free compliant
SW6PF-50 EasyBraid Co. SWAB SNGL HEAD FOAM 6" 50/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
CS25 Chemtronics FOAM SWAB PRESATURATED 25 PCS Lead Free compliant
2300-100 Techspray DOUBLE-TIP COTTON STICK Contains Lead non-compliant
8241S-50 MG Chemicals SWAB SELF SATURATING ALCOHOL Lead Free compliant
51125F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLY KNIT 3" 270PC Lead Free compliant
2316-50 Techspray 1.25MM FIBER OPTIC SWAB Contains Lead non-compliant
38140 Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLY KNIT 2500PC Lead Free compliant
SW6PFAS-100 EasyBraid Co. SWAB 6" STA DIS FM TP 100/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
810-500 MG Chemicals SWAB CHAMOIS SINGLE ENDED 500PCS Lead Free compliant
48042F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD FOAM 2.7" 900PC Lead Free compliant
38542F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLY NONWOVN 900PC Lead Free compliant
36061I Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLY KNIT 375PC Lead Free compliant
SW5PFA-50 EasyBraid Co. SWAB SNGLE HEAD FOAM 5" 50/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
2300-1000 Techspray DOUBLE-TIP COTTON STICK, 6X3/16 Contains Lead non-compliant
MMF006567 Vishay Precision Group SWAB SGL HEAD COTTON 6" 100PC Lead Free compliant
36096 EasyBraid Co. ESD BRUSH, DISSIPATIVE, ROUND AL Contains Lead non-compliant
41050ESD Chemtronics SWAB CLNRM ESD 2.8"POLYTIP 500PC Lead Free compliant
SW6PFG-100 EasyBraid Co. SWAB 6" LARGE FOAM TIP 100/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
SXM50 Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD FOAM 4.13" 50PC Lead Free compliant
36093 EasyBraid Co. ESD BRUSH, DISSIPATIVE, FLAT HAN Contains Lead non-compliant
35697 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH SINGLE HEAD NYLON 6" Lead Free compliant
815-50 MG Chemicals SWABS FIBER 1.4MM 50PC/PK Lead Free compliant
35690 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH CONDUCTIVE ROUND FIRM 1/4" Contains Lead non-compliant
852 MG Chemicals BRUSH CLEANING HOG HAIR SMALL Lead Free compliant
CF4050 Chemtronics SWAB FOAM 2.87" 1=50 PCS Lead Free compliant
35699 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH DBL HEAD HORSEHAIR YARN 5" Lead Free compliant
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