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Clean Room Treatments, Cleaners, Wipes

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
851 MG Chemicals BRUSH CLEANING BRASS Lead Free compliant
48062F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD FOAM 6" 450PC Lead Free compliant
35689 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH DISSIPAT CURVE HNDL 3X1.5" Contains Lead non-compliant
35686 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH DISSIPATIVE FLAT NYLON 1" Contains Lead non-compliant
36089 EasyBraid Co. ESD BRUSH, CONDUCTIVE, ROUND ALU Contains Lead non-compliant
2301-1000 Techspray SINGLE-TIP COTTON STICK, 6" X 3/ Contains Lead non-compliant
8044 ACL Staticide, Inc. WIPES ELECTRONICS 75 PIECES Lead Free compliant
25125F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLYESTER 6" 135PC Lead Free compliant
CM502 Chemtronics APPLICATOR CLEANRM 6.7"POLY 50PC Lead Free compliant
2307-50 Techspray MINI-TIP FOAM SWAB Contains Lead non-compliant
36850 Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD POLY KNIT 2500PC Lead Free compliant
36095 EasyBraid Co. ESD BRUSH, DISSIPATIVE, FLAT HAN Contains Lead non-compliant
FSWB-C Panduit SWAB SINGLE HEAD 100PC Lead Free compliant
SW6WC-10 EasyBraid Co. SWAB 6" WOOD CTN TP 10/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
SW3PF-100 EasyBraid Co. SWAB 3" FOAM TIP 100/PKG Contains Lead non-compliant
35687 EasyBraid Co. BRUSH DISSIPATIVE FLAT NYLON 2" Contains Lead non-compliant
48881 Desco DESICCANT PAK 1 UNIT 300 PAIL Lead Free compliant
2303-50 Techspray TIP FOAM SWAB Contains Lead non-compliant
CC5056F Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD SYN CHAMOIS 225PC Lead Free compliant
CC50 Chemtronics CHAMOIS TIP 3.25" 50 PIECE PACK Lead Free compliant
20050 Chemtronics SWAB SGL HEAD FOAM 2.6" 500PC Lead Free compliant
8281-50 MG Chemicals CLEANING CLOTH GEN PURPOSE 50PCS Lead Free compliant
81071 Desco PROTECT STATGUARD CARPET 1GAL Lead Free compliant
8282-300 MG Chemicals HYDROWIPES 9X9" Lead Free compliant
HANDPAD Panduit CLOTH ELECTRONICS Contains Lead non-compliant
1702-8FP Techspray ZERO CHARGE HAND LOTION Contains Lead non-compliant
16KDES150 SCS 16 UNIT KRAFT DESI 150/DRUM Lead Free compliant
46026 Desco STTGRD LOW-VOC FLR FNSH 55GAL Contains Lead non-compliant
6-C43 Essentra Components WIPES WET ELECTRONIC EQUIP 60PC Lead Free compliant
1733-QT Techspray ZERO CHARGE MAT & TABLE TOP CLEA Contains Lead non-compliant
8000 ACL Staticide, Inc. CLEANING WIPES PREMOIST 40PCS Lead Free compliant
CP410 Chemtronics WIPES PRE-SAT LENS OPTICS 50PCS Lead Free compliant
10552 Desco FLOOR FINISH 55 GAL Contains Lead non-compliant
8242-K MG Chemicals CLEANING KIT SCREEN 200ML/6.8 OZ Lead Free compliant
8241-W MG Chemicals WIPES PRE-SAT ELECTRONICS Lead Free compliant
46060 Desco PROTECT STATGUARD CARPET 1GAL Contains Lead non-compliant
10435 Desco REZTORE ANTISTATIC CLEANER 1 QT Contains Lead non-compliant
6-C86-EFP Essentra Components WIPES WET ELECTRONIC EQUIP 30PC Lead Free compliant
81081 Desco LOTION HAND REZTORE 1 GAL PUMP Contains Lead non-compliant
4020-1 ACL Staticide, Inc. NEUTRAL CLEANER CONCENTRATE GAL Lead Free compliant
8PLDES300 SCS 8 U PLASTIC DESI 300/DRUM Lead Free compliant
35685 Desco BRUSH DISSIPATIVE RND NYLON 1/4" Lead Free compliant
8241-WX25 MG Chemicals WIPES PRE-SAT ELECT 25 PIECES Lead Free compliant
8003 SCS CLEANER MAT SURFACES 2.5GAL Lead Free compliant
6-LS7030-585 Essentra Components WIPES WET ELECTRONIC EQUIP 100PC Lead Free compliant
35666 Desco MENDA RESTORE ESD HAND LOTION Contains Lead non-compliant
1A-CC3B-020 Essentra Components CHEESECLOTH MOISTURE ABSORB 1BX Lead Free compliant
1/3KDES700 SCS DESICCANT 1/3 UNIT 700/PAIL Lead Free compliant
2PLDES150 SCS DESICCANT 2 PLAST BAG 150PC PAIL Contains Lead non-compliant
5700BL5 ACL Staticide, Inc. STATICID PREM ESD PAINT BLU 5 GL Lead Free compliant
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