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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
AC164124 Microchip Technology BOARD DAUGHTER IRDA PICTAIL PLUS Lead Free compliant
EV-VND7040AJ STMicroelectronics BOARD EVAL FOR VND7040AJ Lead Free compliant
MB2198-601 Cypress Semiconductor TOOL KIT Lead Free compliant
MAX14930BSEVKIT# Maxim Integrated EVAL KIT FOR MAX14930 Lead Free compliant
AD1836AZ-DBRD Analog Devices, Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD1836A Lead Free compliant
EVK9FGV1006 Integrated Device Technology EVALUATION KIT Contains Lead non-compliant
ISL6291EVAL1 Intersil EVALUATION BOARD FOR ISL6291 Contains Lead non-compliant
SI3216PPQX-EVB Silicon Labs BOARD EVAL W/DISCRETE INTERFACE Contains Lead non-compliant
MAX31865EVKIT# Maxim Integrated BOARD EVAL FOR MAX31865 Lead Free compliant
DC998A Analog Devices, Inc. DEMO BOARD FOR LTC4261 Lead Free compliant
EVAL-ADCMP573BCPZ Analog Devices, Inc. BOARD EVALUATION ADCMP573BCP Lead Free compliant
89KTPES64H16G2 Integrated Device Technology KIT DEV FOR 89H64H16G2 Contains Lead non-compliant
MQPI-18-CB1 Vicor EVALUATION BOARD FOR MQPI-18 Contains Lead non-compliant
DRV11873EVM N/A EVAL BOARD FOR DRV11873 Contains Lead non-compliant
TPS75005EVM-023 N/A EVAL MODULE FOR TPS75005-023 Contains Lead non-compliant
CRD49834 Cirrus Logic BOARD EVAL FOR CS49834 Contains Lead non-compliant
MAX40200EVKIT# Maxim Integrated EVAL BOARD FOR MAX40200 Lead Free compliant
XR68M752IB-0B-EVB Exar Corporation EVAL BOARD FOR 68M752 49BGA Lead Free compliant
EVB-ET4040QI Intel Programmable Solutions Group EVAL BOARD FOR ED8106 ET4040 Contains Lead non-compliant
ATAVRMC300 Microchip Technology BOARD EVAL LV MOTOR CONTROL PWR Lead Free compliant
CP2114-WM8523EK Silicon Labs KIT EVAL CP2114-WM8523 Lead Free compliant
DC1814A-B Analog Devices, Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR LTC4274A-2 Lead Free compliant
MAX3698EVKIT+ Microsemi KIT EVALUATION MAX MAX3698 Lead Free compliant
MAX98090EVKIT#TQFN Maxim Integrated BOARD EVAL FOR ULP STEREO CODEC Contains Lead non-compliant
ZLE38640BADA Microsemi ADVANCED VOIP SPEAKER PHONE REF Contains Lead non-compliant
MB2198-503-E Cypress Semiconductor TOOL KIT Lead Free compliant
EVAL-AD5142DBZ Analog Devices, Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD5142DBZ Lead Free compliant
SI5332-8IX-EVB Silicon Labs 8-OUTPUT SI5332 CUSTOMER EVAL KI Lead Free compliant
V2DIP2-64 FTDI (Future Technology Devices International, Ltd MOD VINCULUM-II DEV 2 PORT 64DIP Lead Free compliant
CY3290-TMA500 Cypress Semiconductor EVALUATION KIT TRUETOUCH Lead Free compliant
PRT-10217 SparkFun LIPO CHARGER BASIC - MICRO-USB Lead Free compliant
ISO1050EVM N/A EVAL MODULE FOR ISO1050 Contains Lead non-compliant
CY4607 Cypress Semiconductor KIT USB 4-PORT HUB REF DESIGN Lead Free compliant
KSZ8993F-EVAL Microchip Technology BOARD EVALUATION FOR KSZ8993F Lead Free compliant
102991005 Seeed HEELIGHT CORE Contains Lead non-compliant
RP-HEB2-00 Analog Devices, Inc. RAPID PLATFORM 2-PORT Lead Free compliant
PI7C9X2G808PRAEVB Diodes Incorporated EVALUATION BOARD FOR PI7C9X2G808 Lead Free compliant
DRI0043 DFRobot TB6600 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER Lead Free compliant
89KTPES24T6G2 Integrated Device Technology KIT SYSTEM DEV FOR PES24T6G2 Contains Lead non-compliant
DM163004-LT Microchip Technology BOARD DEMO PICDEM.NET Contains Lead non-compliant
MAX3710EVKIT# Maxim Integrated EVAL KIT MAX3710 Lead Free compliant
82EBP2816 Integrated Device Technology BOARD EVAL FOR 82P2816 Contains Lead non-compliant
IC-744888 Wurth Electronics GLEANERGY KIT Lead Free compliant
BQ2084EVM-001 N/A EVALUATION MODULE FOR BQ2084-001 Contains Lead non-compliant
AD8451-EVALZ Analog Devices, Inc. EVAL BOARD AFE FRONT END AD8451 Lead Free compliant
10000R-40-27 Echelon Corporation MINI FX/PL EVALUATION KIT Lead Free compliant
BQ77910AEVM-001 N/A EVAL MODULE FOR BQ77910A-001 Contains Lead non-compliant
CDCLVD1213EVM N/A EVAL MODULE FOR CDCLVD1213 Contains Lead non-compliant
TPS68000EVM-166 N/A TPS68000EVM-166 Contains Lead non-compliant
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