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Static Control Shielding Bags, Materials

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
66330 Desco TABLE MAT RUBBER BLUE 6' X 2.5' Lead Free compliant
8224 SCS TBL WRKBNCH RUB VINYL BL 3'X2' Lead Free compliant
6811 SCS TABLE MAT ESD BLUE 2' X 4' Lead Free compliant
8185GM2448 ACL Staticide, Inc. MAT TABLE ESD 24"X48" GREEN Lead Free compliant
66123 Desco MAT RUBBER GREEN 48"X24' Contains Lead non-compliant
66210 Desco TABLE MAT RUBBER GRAY 50'X3' Contains Lead non-compliant
770088 SCS TABLE RUNNER RUBBER GRAY 50'X3' Lead Free compliant
16314 Desco MAT TRUSTAT B80 VINYL 36"X72" Contains Lead non-compliant
6693672 ACL Staticide, Inc. TABLE MAT VINYL MED BLUE 36"X72" Lead Free compliant
15014 Desco FLOOR MAT PVC BLACK 6' X 4' Contains Lead non-compliant
40930 Desco MAT RUBBER BUBBLE 24X36X.5" BLK Contains Lead non-compliant
8263 SCS TABLE MAT ESD DISSP 3-LAYER GRY Contains Lead non-compliant
6693660 ACL Staticide, Inc. TABLE MAT VINYL MED BLUE 36"X60" Lead Free compliant
66205 Desco ROLL RUBBER DUAL LAYER DRK BLUE Contains Lead non-compliant
RM2448L2RBL SCS TABLE RUBBER BLUE 4'X2' Lead Free compliant
8385DGYM3060 ACL Staticide, Inc. MAT TABLE ESD 30"X60" DK GRAY Lead Free compliant
8185GM2436 ACL Staticide, Inc. MAT TABLE ESD 24"X36" GREEN Lead Free compliant
66305 Desco UC 2-LYR RBBR MAT SY BL .080''X3 Contains Lead non-compliant
66222 Desco DL RBBR MT DK BL .06''X16''X24" Contains Lead non-compliant
12729 Desco BAG SHLD METAL-IN 12X14 Lead Free compliant
TM2448L3GR SCS TABLE VINYL GRAY 4'X2' Lead Free compliant
48705 Desco BG STTSHLD 10X12" 100EA Contains Lead non-compliant
10099 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 9"X9" Lead Free compliant
13881 Desco BAG DISS CLEAR ZIP 5X8 Contains Lead non-compliant
48696 Desco BG STTSHLD 10X16" 100EA Contains Lead non-compliant
3371012 SCS BAG MOISTUR BARRIER 10X12" Contains Lead non-compliant
1901824 SCS SHIELD BAG 18X24" METAL-IN 100PK Contains Lead compliant
D341420 SCS BAG MOISTURE BARR MTL IN 20"X14" Lead Free compliant
13810 Desco BAG SHIELDING MVB 6X24 Contains Lead non-compliant
13349 Desco BG STTSHLD MTL-IN 5''X6'' 100EA Contains Lead non-compliant
48500 Desco BAG 8300 METAL OUT 3MIL 4X4 Lead Free compliant
150Z1533 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL OUT 33"X15" Lead Free compliant
100611.5 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 11.5"X6" Lead Free compliant
13955 Desco BG MBB FOIL 4MIL 18X20" 100EA/PK Contains Lead non-compliant
191810 SCS BAG 8X10 SHIELDED ZIP LOCK Contains Lead compliant
150Z33 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL OUT 3"X3" Lead Free compliant
1002.758 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 8"X2.75" Lead Free compliant
190430 SCS SHIELDING BAG 4X30 METALIN 1=1EA Contains Lead compliant
3001030 SCS BAG STATIC ZIP-TOP 10X30" Lead Free compliant
1911115 SCS SHIELD BAG 11X15" METAL-IN 100PK Contains Lead compliant
12919 Desco BAG STATIC SHIELD MTL IN 12"X12" Contains Lead non-compliant
13388 Desco BG STSHLD MTL-IN 14''X30'' 100EA Contains Lead non-compliant
D272024 SCS BAG MOIST BARR DUAL LAYER 24X20" Lead Free compliant
300913 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 13"X9" Lead Free compliant
1001118 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 18"X11" Lead Free compliant
49112 Desco BAG PINK POLY 4MIL 10X14 NO ZIP Contains Lead non-compliant
3001215 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 15"X12" Lead Free compliant
100636 SCS BAG STATIC SHLD MTL IN 36"X6" Lead Free compliant
1708 36X150 SCS FILM COND 8 MIL 3' X 150' Contains Lead non-compliant
30058 SCS BAG STATIC ZIP-TOP 5X8" 1=1EA Lead Free compliant
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