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Test Leads - Oscilloscope Probes

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
110006 Mueller Electric Co. KIT TEST PROD BANANA PLUG Contains Lead non-compliant
5543B Pomona Electronics KIT ELECTRONIC DMM TEST LEAD Contains Lead non-compliant
GSA-3736 Global Specialties ADVANCED FUNCTION GENERATOR KIT Lead Free compliant
5677B Pomona Electronics KIT MAXI-TEST LEAD MULT-USE DMM Contains Lead non-compliant
110001 Mueller Electric Co. KIT TEST PROD R/A .080" PIN Contains Lead non-compliant
P2503 Test Products International 250MHZ X 100 3M CABLE LENGTH Lead Free compliant
TL1500 Amprobe TEST LEAD ALLIGATR CLIPS HD DMMS Contains Lead compliant
6105 Pomona Electronics PROBE RF DMM KIT 300MHZ Lead Free compliant
CT2843 Cal Test Electronics SURF. MOUNT TEST KIT IEC61010 Lead Free compliant
TL245A Amprobe REPLACEMENT TEST LEAD SET Contains Lead compliant
CT2695C Cal Test Electronics GENERAL PURPOSE BENCH DMM KIT W/ Lead Free compliant
5903/POM Pomona Electronics AUTOMOTIVE DMM TEST LEAD KIT Lead Free compliant
CC560 B&K Precision DLX SPECTRUM ANALYZER ASSY KIT Contains Lead non-compliant
GSA-3376A Global Specialties ADVANCED POWER SUPPLY KIT Lead Free compliant
TLS2000RB Test Products International KIT TEST LEAD DELUX RA IEC1010 Lead Free compliant
TL500 B&K Precision HIGH PERFORMANCE BENCH DMM ASSY Contains Lead non-compliant
6344 Pomona Electronics KIT BASIC ELECTRONIC TEST LEAD Contains Lead non-compliant
AMB-KIT2 Amprobe SHIELDED LEAD W/TIP AMB-110 Contains Lead non-compliant
5674B Pomona Electronics KIT TEST LEAD DELUXE ELECT DMM Contains Lead non-compliant
CT3733 Cal Test Electronics FUNCTION GENERATOR KIT - TECHNIC Lead Free compliant
TLK289 Fluke Electronics TEST LEAD SET 1000V 600V 10A Contains Lead compliant
ADP305 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE HI VOLT DIFFERENTL 100MHZ Contains Lead non-compliant
974312000 Altech Corporation OSCILLOSCOPE TESTPROBE TKO 5 -PM Lead Free compliant
GE3422 Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X100 100MHZ 4KV 3400 SERI Lead Free compliant
HVFO100-1X-TIP Teledyne LeCroy HVFO103 +/-1V (1X ATTENUATION) T Contains Lead non-compliant
GE4511 Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10 500MHZ - 4500 SERIES Lead Free compliant
PP016 Teledyne LeCroy PASS PROBE 10:1 300MHZ-WAVEACE Contains Lead non-compliant
5795A Pomona Electronics OSCILLOSCOPE PROBE 10:1 RATIO Contains Lead non-compliant
PR 33A B&K Precision O'SCOPE PROBE 90MHZ X1/X10 Contains Lead non-compliant
GE1512RA Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10 135MHZ W/RA 1500 SERI Lead Free compliant
CT4025 Cal Test Electronics 10KV HIGH VOLTAGE OSCOPE PROBE Lead Free compliant
CT3290RA Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10, COMPACT 3.5 - 500MHZ Lead Free compliant
P250 Test Products International PROBE OSC 250MHZ X100 1.2M CABLE Lead Free compliant
CT3290RA-PRO Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10 COMPACT 3.5 500MHZ 1. Lead Free compliant
SP250B2 Test Products International 250 MHZ X 1 X 10 2M CABLE LENGTH Lead Free compliant
PPE5KV Teledyne LeCroy PROBE HV 100:1 400MHZ 50M OHMS Contains Lead non-compliant
PR250B B&K Precision OSCOPE PASSIVE PROBE 250MHZ Contains Lead non-compliant
5800A/POM Pomona Electronics OSCILLOSCOPE PROBE 1:1 RATIO Contains Lead non-compliant
P2502 Test Products International 250MHZ X 100 2M CABLE LENGTH Lead Free compliant
GE4521 Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10 480MHZ 4500 SERIES 2. Lead Free compliant
CT3288RA Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X10 LT GRAY - 500MHZ 1.2M Lead Free compliant
PP025-1 Teledyne LeCroy 500 MHZ PASSIVE PROBE, 5MM, 10:1 Contains Lead non-compliant
GE3421RA Cal Test Electronics OPROBE X100 100MHZ 4KV W/RA - 34 Lead Free compliant
6552 Pomona Electronics KIT OSCILLOSCOPE PROBE ACCY Lead Free compliant
HVD3605 Teledyne LeCroy 6KV 100MHZ HV DIFF PROBE Lead Free compliant
AP033 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE DIFFERENTIAL 500MHZ Contains Lead non-compliant
PR 37AG B&K Precision GRAY PROBE 37AG 6/150MHZ 48" Contains Lead non-compliant
6496 Pomona Electronics OSCILLOSCOPE PROBE 350 MHZ X10 Contains Lead non-compliant
VPS250 Fluke Electronics VOLT 10:1 PROBE SET 2.5M 75MHZ Lead Free compliant
CT3288ARA Cal Test Electronics OPROBE DELUXE KIT 500MHZ, X10 - Lead Free compliant
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