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- Adafruit is a fast growing global leader in educational electronics platforms, prototyping and development tools, operating out of a manufacturing facility in the heart of NYC. It was founded by Limor "Ladyada" Fried in 2005 and specializes in the design and fabrication of original electronic learning platforms, which Limor personally selects, tests and approves before releasing. Adafruit is in the vanguard of Open Source Hardware, striving to educate makers of all ages in the field of electronics and programming.
Image Part Number Description Lead Free RoHS View
1378 WS2811 LED DRIVER CHIP - 10 PACK Lead Free compliant
284 IC BRIDGE USB-UART MODULE Lead Free compliant
1681 VS1053B MP3/WAV/OGG/MIDI PLAYER Contains Lead non-compliant
633 STARTER PK EL STRIP 100CM BLUE Contains Lead non-compliant
623 PANEL ELECTROLUM EL 10X10CM AQUA Contains Lead non-compliant
635 STARTER PK EL STRIP 100CM WHITE Contains Lead non-compliant
405 ELECTROLUMINESCENT WIRE ORN 2.5M Lead Free compliant
409 ELECTROLUMINESCNT WIRE AQUA 2.5M Lead Free compliant
583 WIRE STARTER PK EL BLU 2.5M-8.2' Lead Free compliant
627 STARTER PK EL PANEL 10X10CM AQUA Contains Lead non-compliant
585 WIRE STARTER PK EL YLW 2.5M-8.2' Lead Free compliant
948 WIRE EL FLOW EFFECT INV BLUE 2M Lead Free compliant
414 ELECTROLUMINESC PNL 20X15CM AQUA Lead Free compliant
631 STARTER PK EL STRIP 100CM RED Contains Lead non-compliant
588 WIRE STARTER PK EL PNK 2.5M-8.2' Lead Free compliant
406 ELECTROLUMINESCENT WIRE YLW 2.5M Lead Free compliant
953 WIRE EL FLOW EFFECT INV PINK 2M Lead Free compliant
586 WIRE STARTER PK EL ORN 2.5M-8.2' Lead Free compliant
1767 SLOW VIBRATION SENSOR SWITCH (HA Contains Lead non-compliant
1311 HOOK-UP 22AWG SOLID - 6 X 25FT Lead Free compliant
3111 HOOK-UP 22AWG STRAND - 6 X 25FT Lead Free compliant
3174 HOOK-UP 22AWG SOLID - 10 X 25FT Lead Free compliant
3175 HOOK-UP 22AWG STRAND - 10 X 25FT Lead Free compliant
3627 LCD DISPLAY LCD LIGHT VALVE Contains Lead non-compliant
399 RGB BACKLIGHT NEGATIVE LCD Lead Free compliant
979 MAXSONAR RANGEFINDER LV-EZ0 Lead Free compliant
1215 HDWR HINGE PLASTIC 20X20 EXTRUSN Lead Free compliant
3760 ADJUSTABLE 60W PEN-STYLE Contains Lead non-compliant
3685 ADJUSTABLE 60W PEN-STYLE SOLDERI Contains Lead non-compliant
65 BREADBOARD TERM STRIP 1.80X1.40" Lead Free compliant
3548 STRAIGHT HDMI PLUG ADAPTER Contains Lead non-compliant
3173 FEATHER 0.1 PITCH TERMINAL BLOCK Contains Lead non-compliant
3555 STRAIGHT MINI HDMI SOCKET ADAPTE Contains Lead non-compliant
3821 PLASTIC POP RIVETS FOR CARDBOARD Contains Lead non-compliant
1293 SENSOR HUMID/TEMP 5V I2C 2% MOD Lead Free compliant
1298 SOIL TEMPERATURE/MOISTURE SENSOR Contains Lead non-compliant
3686 SENSOR AIR QUALITY Contains Lead non-compliant
1176 COUPLER FLEX SHAFT ALUM 5MM-8MM Lead Free compliant
3810 DC GEARBOX "TT" MOTOR TO LEGO Contains Lead non-compliant
1297 STEPPER MOTOR MNT/HDWR NEMA-17SZ Lead Free compliant
1221 EXTRUSION ALUM SLOTTED 20X20MM Contains Lead non-compliant
3787 1.54" 240X240 WIDE ANGLE TFT LCD Lead Free non-compliant
938 MONOCHROME 1.3 128X64 Contains Lead non-compliant
2279 64X32 RGB LED MATRIX - 3MM PITCH Lead Free compliant
3197 VISE 6.14" JAW LOW PROFILE Lead Free compliant
2457 TOGGLE CLAMP - LARGE SIZE - 201B Contains Lead non-compliant
2456 TOGGLE CLAMP - MEDIUM FLIP-UP ST Contains Lead non-compliant
2458 FIXTURE CLIP - SHORT Contains Lead non-compliant
2459 TOGGLE CLAMP - SMALL FLIP-DOWN S Contains Lead non-compliant
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